3dcart vs Satchmo

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Open source is a pretty hot topic in the world of web development.

It's a great system - if you're a web developer or willing to pay thousands of dollars for custom development. For the rest of us, ease of use is an important part of the software we use for our online businesses. So, if you're looking for an alternative to Satchmo, you've come to the right place.

 24/7 Premium Phone Support
 12+ Years of Experience (since 1997)
 Lowest Monthly Cost ($19.99/mo)
 99.9% Site Uptime with SLA Guarantee
 PCI Certified
 Built-in Email Marketing
 Built-in UPS/FEDEX Label Printing
 Full FTP Access
 Unlimited Staff Logins
 Built-in Gift Registry
 Yahoo Shopping, Shop.com & Bing Feeds
 Built-in CRM System
 Built-in RMA (Returns) System
 Facebook Store
 YouTube 1-Click Search/Embed Videos
 Built-in Ecommerce Blog
 SocialCommerce Twitter/Facebook
 Real-Time Drag'n'Drop Design
 Picnik Image Editing
 Customizable SEO Friendly URLs
 Over 50 W3C Compliant Templates
 Mobile Store mCommerce
 iPhone Admin App
 Integrated with 100+ Payment Gateways
 Integrated with Checkout By Amazon
 Integrated with Fulfillment By Amazon
The information on Satchmo vs 3dcart is believed to be accurate as of June 6th 2011.
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3dcart powers businesses across the globe. We're entirely web-based and secure. Our software has been named in the INC. 5000 fastest growing companies three years running. Pitting 3dcart vs Satchmo is a question of whether you want a simple, preconfigured system.

Easy to Use, Regardless of Your Tech Experience
With Satchmo, your possibilities are limited by your pocketbook. Configuring your shopping cart requires a lot of work. Why not let the pros do it for you?

3dcart is very easy to use, regardless of your level of tech experience. You won't need to design an entire website, either. All of the resources you need to create a website and online store are included in the suite. And it's inexpensive to get started, too - less than $20/month for our lowest package.

A Long History of Development & Success
Satchmo has a few years under its belt. But 3dcart has been in development for 15 years. We've spent our time building up a community of more than 16,000 different merchants - and we listen to our community when it comes time to add features and make updates.

If you're asking yourself "Should I use Satchmo?" remember that 3dcart is an option built from the ground up over a longer, richer history.

Built-In Features and Partnerships
We've worked to provide 3dcart customers with an ever-growing list of hundreds of ecommerce partners. Each brand we work with has dedicated countless hours to perfecting their product.

In addition to partnerships, we've worked tirelessly to create easy-to-use features that go above and beyond what other shopping carts offer. A comprehensive built-in feature list is part of what makes our software special.

Support from Professionals, Whenever You Need It 3dcart, your official Satchmo alternative, is dedicated to offering our customers support. In fact, we offer a higher level of support than any other ecommerce software on the market. One of the feathers in 3dcart's cap is 24/7/365 phone support, offered free to all of our customers.

It's Great to Work With Our Award-Winning Ecommerce Solution

See what our clients have to say about 3dcart:

We have been using 3dCart now for over 18 months with great success, during a very rough economic environment. We migrated from another cart that was not stable enough to handle the high volume we process daily. The technical support is great, and the new extended hours help out a lot.

- Scott Broder | YogaAccessories.com

We migrated from an Xsilva shopping cart and the difference is vast. There is so much more we can do with 3dCart, technically and visually, and the face lift 3dCart has given our site is amazing.

- Jamie & Patrick | Shopmasc.com

"3dcart truly combines everything a small shop could need into a comprehensive, cost-effective package."
Mike & Karen